Olive Oil, Honey and Saffron production

San Bartolomeo, Salò Italy

Olive Oil

We manage about 500 Olive trees in nearby fields. Casaliva, Leccino and many other more types of olives make our Extra Virgin Olive Oil unique and delicious.


Acacia, chestnut and wild flowers from the mountains. Our bees know how to collect nectar!


Pressing our olives together with fresh oranges and lemons, magic happens! Eva and Evil…


Just started this new adventure taking our saffron bulbs to San Bartolomeo. Let’s see what will happen soon…

“BeeZen is now Agriturismo ”

On summer weekends you may taste our products together with local food and wine and grilled specialties……

• Lake Garda 2015 •

Hand picked  olives in our field in Lake Garda

I feel like the trees push the ground up for you, hoping you’ll get the best olives that were kissed by the sun…

Nic the Doc
Branches Director
When something might go wrong, I’ m sure it won’t…
Silvia Zen
Comunication director
Just smile, something will happen
Is that bone for me?

Join us for tastings and relax at our heavenly place

Oil, honey and local products tasting.

Via dello Scotano 22
San Bartolomeo, Salò
25087 Brescia italy

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